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Germany weighs up climate change impact(2014-09-17)
German producers have largely welcomed the impact of global warming as helping them to compete in the modern marketplace, despite evidence that rising temperatures have brought an increased risk of storm damage.
South African wines gain momentum in UK market(2014-09-16)
The hard work put into growing the UK market by South African producers is beginning to pay off, but the country still needs to bring prices in line with market, says Wines of South Africa (WOSA). Speaking at last week's Beautiful South Tasting in London, Jo Wehring, WOSA UK market manager, said this year has been exciting for South African producers. "It's gathered enough momentum and we're now getting recognition for our top end wines that we weren't getting seven, eight or nine years ago," she said.
Drop in Western Australian exports to China(2014-08-28)
The Western Australian wine industry is being forced to reassess the extent of its reliance on China after seeing a sharp fall in sales and volume.
According to the ABC, new export figures reveal wine exports from WA to China in the 12 months to July 2014 were down 25% by volume and 20% in sales
France Looking Forward to Bigger and Better Wine Harvest(2014-08-27)
The French wine industry is expecting a better harvest this year, despite drought and hail damage to some vineyards.
The Department of Agriculture has revised upwards its forecast for the 2014 harvest, estimating the potential of wine production to nearly 47 million hectoliters, with the summer rains promoting growth.
Strong Earthquake Strikes Napa Valley, Shakes San Francisco Bay Region(2014-08-26)
It is expected that insured losses for this event could range from $500 million to $1 billion, however, it should be noted that there is a fair amount of uncertainty associated with this given the unknown extent of interruptions and contents losses, which are still being fully understood.
Wine imports to China continue to drop, despite late surge(2014-08-25)
Imports of wine into China continued to drop in the first six month of 2014, despite a moderate recovery in the second quarter, according to customs statistics.
Italian Harvest Starts Early as Weather Improves(2014-08-20)
The Italian grape harvest is underway with grower organisations promising less quantity but more quality from the 2014 vintage.
Leaked trade deal a threat to Canadian wine(2014-08-19)
The Canadian wine industry could face new restrictions within its own borders if a leaked European Union trade deal turns out to be accurate. Based on the information released in a 521-page document, an impending trade deal between Canada and the EU would restrict Canada’s domestic wine sales by limiting the number of privately run outlets selling solely domestic products.
Aussie wine value rises as volume drops(2014-07-16)
The average value of Australian wine exports has increased, despite volume decreasing by 6% over the past 12 months.
The Turkish wine sector is suffering from marketing restrictions(2014-07-11)
The Turkish wine sector is suffering from marketing restrictions brought about by new alcohol regulations, as the country’s wine makers continue to lose ground against newcomers in the market.
Chilean Winemakers Decry Proposed Tax Hike(2014-07-09)
Wine in Chile is taxed at 15 percent per liter wholesale.
Australian wineries face selling wines at a loss in 2014(2014-07-04)
Australian wineries may have to sell their wines at a loss this year if prices fall below current levels given high costs of grapes and production in 2014, warns top wine broker Murphy Wine Company. Although official figures have not been released, it is anticipated the nation's 2014 harvest will be smaller than last year.
Russian wine: Measuring up to the competition(2014-07-03)
As a newcomer to premium-wine production, how does Russia’s ‘New World’ of wine stack up against its well-established competitors: Chile, Argentina and South Africa?
South African Wines Gaining Traction In U.S.(2014-07-01)
South African wine may still be a relatively small category in the U.S. market - with bottled shipments up 11% to 954,000 cases last year - but its expansion has accelerated lately, and key players are bullish on growth opportunities, especially at the premium end.



A certification seal appears on each container of wine or estate brandy which has been certified by the Wine and Spirit Board.

Certification Seal

This seal is a guarantee of origin, vintage and variety as stated on the wine label.

Certification/IPW Seal

This seal is also a guarantee that the wine complies with IPW criteria.

The 'A' number is found on the label of both certified and uncertified wines and provides information on the responsible seller.