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BI Daily 27 July 2016(2016-07-27)
• Australia 2016 Vintage report: Industry ‘cautiously optimistic’ as wine grape prices increase • Wrath of CRAV wine ‘commandos’ stokes tension in south of France
BI Daily 26 July 2016(2016-07-26)
• How will wine consumers respond to the liberalising retail laws in Canada? • Germany turns a corner • French wine production expected to drop 8% for 2016 due to poor spring weather
BI Daily 25 July 2016(2016-07-25)
• 5 Strategies of ´Psychological Pricing´
BI Daily 22 July 2016(2016-07-22)
• Conference to focus on the business of wine and food tourism as government looks to grow the sector • French wine militants set fire to winery offices
BI Daily 21 July 2016(2016-07-21)
• The Sparkling Wine Boom, Cava Quietly Emerges In The U.S. Market • U.S. Economic Confidence Stuck at Lower Level
BI Daily 19 July 2016(2016-07-19)
• Global Update July 2016
BI Daily 15 July 2016(2016-07-15)
• More wine, more frequently, shows Chinese consumer survey • Seven Habits of Highly Creative Problem Solvers • Why Consumers Download, and Delete, a Retailer´s Mobile App • Smoking alcohol warned to be more dangerous than drinking
BI Daily 14 July 2016(2016-07-14)
• How new UK prime minister Theresa May might treat wine • The State of the Australian Bulk Wine Market
BI Daily 13 July 2016(2016-07-13)
• What Next? Wine Industry Mid-Year Report & Preliminary Brexit Analysis • Bag-in-box wine in line for strong comeback • Is ‘brand Australia’ dead?
BI Daily 12 July 2016(2016-07-12)
• Global wine consumption and production • Internet 2016 vs 2000 Statistics • Doing Business beyond South Africa: Growth and Opportunity in Sub-Saharan Cities
BI Daily 11 July 2016(2016-07-11)
• Exclusive: U.S. Wine Market On Pace To Grow By More Than 20 Million Cases By 2020 • What does Brexit mean for supermarket wine?
BI Daily 8 July 2016(2016-07-08)
• China: A Mixed Retail Picture • Pacific Rim moves to ease bottleneck in wine trade • Wine: Africa rising • Scientists observe first signs of healing in the Antarctic ozone layer
BI Daily 6 July 2016(2016-07-06)
• Beverage companies in the wake of Brexit
BI Daily 30 June 2016(2016-06-30)
• US Beverage Alcohol Market Posts Gains • Bubbly Booming: The U.S. Becomes Champagne’s Top Export Market
BI Daily 28 June 2016(2016-06-28)
• Wine Intelligence: How the nation’s wine drinkers might be feeling, post-Brexit



A certification seal appears on each container of wine or estate brandy which has been certified by the Wine and Spirit Board.

Certification Seal

This seal is a guarantee of origin, vintage and variety as stated on the wine label.

Certification/IPW Seal

This seal is also a guarantee that the wine complies with IPW criteria.

The 'A' number is found on the label of both certified and uncertified wines and provides information on the responsible seller.