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BI Daily 3 February 2016(2016-02-03)
• Spain: Priorat Wine • Tesco launches two alcohol free wines from South Africa • New Zealand: Wine profitability up for big wineries, down for small wineries
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• Young consumers are making UK leisure spend more diverse • What to look for in your tasting room POS system
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• Liquor Consumption Patterns in South Africa 2015 • USA Market Research (WISE)
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• Africa: The fastest growing beer market • South Africa turns a corner
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• US Wine prices in 2016 • SA wines more than just volume
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• Price Wars & Excessive Mass Production Threatens Chile´s Hold on the UK Wine Industry • Whatever Happened to Argentina’s Wine Boom?
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• World Bank: ´We´re worried about Africa´s commodity exporters´ • Insights: Is UK bottling the way forward for bulk wine?
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• Economies and Consumers Expert Predictions for 2016
BI Daily (Special WISE edition) 11 January 2016(2016-01-11)
• ANGOLA Market Research (WISE)
BI Daily 8 January 2016(2016-01-08)
• SA, US renew AGOA deal • Suid-Afrika - Produksie en Markvooruitskattings 2016 tot 2020 / South Africa - Production and Market Forecasts 2016 to 2020
BI Daily 10 December 2015(2015-12-18)
• British millennials: what are they drinking? • The wine grown in a South African township
BI Daily 8 December 2015(2015-12-18)
• Closure decisions: Wine quality is king, but the customer plays an important role • The Black Women Leading South Africa’s Wine Revolution
BI Daily 7 December 2015(2015-12-18)
• Light But High-Quality California Winegrape Harvest • Here´s who comes after Generation Z - Generation Alpha



A certification seal appears on each container of wine or estate brandy which has been certified by the Wine and Spirit Board.

Certification Seal

This seal is a guarantee of origin, vintage and variety as stated on the wine label.

Certification/IPW Seal

This seal is also a guarantee that the wine complies with IPW criteria.

The 'A' number is found on the label of both certified and uncertified wines and provides information on the responsible seller.