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BI Daily 12 October 2017
• An illustrated guide to wine soils • SA wins big at World Travel Awards • South America’s extreme vineyards
BI Daily 10 October 2017
• How Apple´s new technology will overturn wine marketing • Wildfires ravage Napa, Sonoma, Lake & Mendocino Counties • Grape harvest dates and the evidence for global warming
BI Daily 6 October 2017
• EU: wine harvest set for 36-year low
BI Daily 5 October 2017
• European vine rules stunt Italian winemakers´ ambitions • New research uses mussel shells to control grass grubs in vineyards
BI Daily 4 October 2017
• USA: How Much Did Wineries Really Make in 2016? • Amazon Dealt a Distribution Blow • Why You Want to Pay More for Wine • Futurism: Farmers Should Start Using Artificial Intelligence
BI Daily 3 October 2017
• Growth in Africa’s consumer sector • London Wine Competition To Reward Wines For How They Look, Taste And Cost
BI Daily 28 September 2017
• Global Market & Consumer Research (WISE) - Opportunities for South African Wine in Canada and Germany, September 2017 – Research Reports and Workshop Presentations.
BI Daily 27 September 2017
• Liquid Lunch: Lessons Learned from Emerging Markets • Global Competitiveness Index 2017-2018 edition • Volatility creates opportunity in global drinks market
BI Daily 25 September 2017
• Chinese spirits market expected to be worth $450bn by 2021 • Top 10 US wine distributors 2017 by states and wineries
BI Daily 22 September 2017
• Xiamen aims to become China’s biggest wine import city • South African wines see increased interest from US consumers • Moderate Drinking Has Benefits, How Much is Too Much?
BI Daily 21 September 2017
• Western Cape takes a sober look at ways to curb drinking • 5 Social Media Trends That Will Have Maximum Impact in 2018
BI Daily 14 September 2017
• Australians will benefit from a EU free trade deal • The Future of the Global Wine Industry: Boxes, Bulk and Blends • Decanter - The life cycle of a vine
BI Daily 13 September 2017
• UK: On-trade alcohol sales continue to fall due rising prices • China wine market update: Cheaper wines taking over • Robotic Farmers Can Literally Reap What They Sow
BI Daily 11 September 2017
• A new reality for the Russian consumer industry • VinIntell September 2017 Issue 33: 2017 The Year of Artificial Intelligence
BI Daily 7 September 2017
• 12 Oldest Wine Companies In The World • USA: Innovation Must Still Deliver Wine Quality • EU: Bulk wine market to be hit hard by 2017 harvest • European winegrowers turn to robots to increase competitiveness