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BI Daily 17 August 2018
Wine Intelligence Reports Shop - UK Portraits 2018 / Canned wine sales up in America
BI Daily 16 August 2018
• U.S. Wine Sales Up Despite Import Competition • Cognac export volumes rise • Australia: New phylloxera detection method created
BI Daily 14 August 2018
• China´s thirst for wine is outpacing the rest of the world. Here´s why • Italian wine harvest begins, productive year forecast • French institute sees red over blue wine
BI Daily 12 August 2018
• Wine Intelligence Reports Shop - Australia Landscapes 2018 • IWSR News: Africa begins recovery
BI Daily 8 August 2018
• French wine harvest to rebound in 2018, say officials • France: Champagne yields look set to break all records with bumper crop
BI Daily 7 August 2018
• UK Wine Trade´s Brexit Blues • IWSR Forecast: Global alcohol consumption to hit 28bn cases and $1.07tn by 2022
BI Daily 6 August 2018
• How should fine wine be defined? • ´Frankenstein wine´ warning over French super-grapes • ´Benfords?´: Australian lookalike wines are big sellers on China´s new billion-dollar retail giant
BI Daily 3 August 2018
• Bubbles on the rise in Canada • Moderate alcohol consumption can significantly reduce the risk of dementia • Blue wine trend hits France
BI Daily 31 July 2018
• Wine Intelligence Reports Shop - Sparkling Wine in the Canadian Market 2018 • Report: what older consumers think of online grocery • 10 things keeping wine executives up at night — and ways to sleep better
BI Daily 30 July 2018
Are Screw Caps Better for Aging Wine Than Corks? / Natural Wine Faces Legal Definition / War of grape words breaks out between Italy and Australia / Americans Say U.S.-China Tariffs More Harmful Than Helpful
BI Daily 26 July 2018
• Global Wine Update • Updated Country Profiles
BI Daily 22 July 2018
• Wine Intelligence Reports Shop - Global Compass Report 2018-19 • Lower alcohol wine remains a niche opportunity • 5 expectations of the African millennial consumer • Here are the latest Bordeaux vineyard prices • A fine wine strategy that works: Austria
BI Daily 19 July 2018
• EU, Japan sign world´s biggest free-trade deal • California: Early Reports Put 2018 Harvest at Above Average
BI Daily 13 July 2018
• Wine Intelligence Reports Shop - Sparkling Wine in the Swedish Market 2018 • Traditional Advertising Is Soon to Be History
BI Daily 10 July 2018
• Wine Intelligence Reports Shop: Rosé & Pink Moscato in the Australian Market 2018 • How trade deals will increasingly dictate what wine we buy and sell • California: Premium winery sales and margins flat, sales growth down • New Zealand 2018 vintage volume up on last year • ‘World’s first’ double-layered wine bottle launched