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BI Daily 23 June 2017
• Felix Solis boosts ‘heinous’ low-alcohol category with new range • So Brexit is happening – what next for the wine trade? • California: Labor Shortage Leaves Millions in Crops to Rot in Fields
BI Daily 21 June 2017
• Japan plans to eliminate import tariffs on EU wines • Why SA wine exports must move from bulk to brands • Sobering Outlook for English Fizz
BI Daily 16 June 2017
• 2016 Bulk Wine News - Russia, Chile, Argentina
BI Daily 15 June 2017
• Boozy Britain: Why are sales up as more try to drink less? • Huge wine haul in Chinese smuggling crackdown
BI Daily 14 June 2017
• Holographic experience for Rémy Martin • Malt beer and flavoured alcoholic beverages trends
BI Daily 13 June 2017
• Millennials and the wine market • New Zealand grape harvest smaller but ‘full of promise’
BI Daily 12 June 2017
• Farewell to Fairtrade: Sainsbury´s defends in-house sustainable sourcing certification • 15 Health Benefits of Wine, According to Science
BI Daily 9 June 2017
• The Most Hated Online Advertising Techniques • Grape marc proves a superfood for abalone
BI Daily 8 June 2017
• Wine descriptions provoke emotional response, study finds • UK: Average price bottle of wine passes £5.50
BI Daily 7 June 2017
• China’s wine imports continue to slide • Trump budget ‘devastating’ to winegrape farming in California
BI Daily 5 June 2017
• Alcoholic Drinks: The Big Picture • OIV Focus 2017
BI Daily 2 June 2017
• Total US Beverage Alcohol Consumption Drops by 3.8m Nine-Liter Cases in 2016 • New ‘Cape Town’ wine of origin ‘ground-breaking’ for South African industry
BI Daily 1 June 2017
• Time to overhaul the business of SA wine • USA: $15-19.99 wines show biggest dollar volume percent change • How Will Brexit Impact World Wine Markets? A Dismal New Forecast • SAWIS KURSUSSE / SAWIS COURSES 2017 • Bordeaux frosts to cause 20% price hike • Powdered Alcohol is Not Dead
BI Daily 31 May 2017
• Consumer sentiment around the world: Trending upward • Decline of Global Beverage Alcohol Consumption Accelerates • NZ Wine signs biosecurity agreement
BI Daily 30 May 2017
• UK: Winners and losers in the alcoholic drinks market • LWF Day One: The big Brexit debate • Chinese now make up nearly half of Aussie university’s oenology places • Record number of English and Welsh wine companies launched in 2016