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BI Daily 7 December 2018
• Wine Intelligence Reports Shop - UK Landscapes 2018 • Sweden´s imports of bulk wine plummet by nearly half in first half of year • The Promise—and Complications—of Domestic Robots
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BI Daily 29 November 2018
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BI Daily 28 November 2018
• Disrupting the three-tier distribution system: new routes to the USA market • A New Era for U.S. Wine-Labeling Laws • Boat turned back from Australian waters after brown marmorated stink bugs detected onboard • VinIntell November 2018 Issue 38 - Venturing into the predictable unknown: trends in the global wine industry
BI Daily 27 November 2018
• USA: Wines $20 and under make up 51.1% of the market by value and all are growing. • Impact of the Draft Brexit Deal on European Food and Agribusiness • Organic wine market growing fast but to remain niche
BI Daily 23 November 2018
• Wine Intelligence Reports Shop - US Portraits 2018 • US: The unstoppable rise of direct-to-consumer wine selling • Prime UK wine locations revealed
BI Daily 22 November 2018
• China launches its own wine rating system • Trend Spotting: 10 alcohol trends in UK retail to watch in 2018/19 • Bibendum: Top wine trends for 2019 • Carbon Tax Bill
BI Daily 20 November 2018
• Wine Intelligence Reports Shop - Switzerland Landscapes 2018 • Brands are clueless about what consumers think are important • Food security in Africa depends on rethinking outdated water law • South Australian Wine Industry Association launches Energy Demand Management program to help wineries reduce energy costs
BI Daily 9 November 2018
• Wine Intelligence Reports Shop - Russia Landscapes 2018 • UK wine importers must plan for "worst case" scenario from Brexit claims major importer
BI Daily 5 November 2018
• Ireland restricts alcohol advertising with new law • Wine in Moderation celebrates 10 years • French nurseries regain their leadership position
BI Daily 2 November 2018
• Wine Intelligence Reports Shop - Poland Landscapes 2018 • Global Trade • Spain biggest bulk wine supplier to Italy, with UK second largest • Japan: Hokkaido wine gets its own appellation
BI Daily 31 October 2018
• UK: WSTA Budget Report • The World´s Most Expensive Cognacs • Rise of the machines: Are you ready to mechanize? • California Wine 2018 Harvest Report
BI Daily 29 October 2018
• World trends: which varieties and countries are most in demand • 26% of alcohol consumed globally is illicit
BI Daily 26 October 2018
• OIV Press Release: Global Economic Vitiviniculture Data • 2018/19 Distrikstoestande / District Conditions