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BI Daily 3 July 2015(2015-07-03)
• Wine wheel to help translate wine terms • Diageo sells Gleneagles, Spanish wine warfare, and more beverage bites
BI Daily 1 July 2015(2015-07-01)
• UK alcohol market returns to growth • Germany: the elevator pitch • What’s in name? Actually quite a lot
BI Daily 30 June 2015(2015-06-30)
• World economy: Globalisation´s retreat? • UK: What’s hitting the shelves? • Canada has experienced a “dramatic” fall in drink-related crime after it imposed a minimum unit price for alcohol, according to a new study.
BI Daily 29 June 2015(2015-06-29)
• World wines: Room for internationals to scoop market lead in ´attractive´ German market • Brand Keys Annual Survey Reveals the Most Patriotic Brands in America • US: Industry Experts Sound Off On Climate Change
BI Daily 26 June 2015(2015-06-26)
• Sparkling wine, spirits and beer drive UK market growth • 2014 Verpakkingkategorië
BI daily 25 June 2015(2015-06-25)
• The rise of festivals: A route to reach the US millennial generation • Packaging Innovations Abound As Winemakers Look To Tap New Audiences • Unsustainable standards? Questioning the ethics of sustainable sourcing
BI Daily 24 June 2015(2015-06-24)
• For something different: Which US state has the same GDP as South Africa? • EIU Report: Key long-term economic trends to 2050 • Three Reasons Why 2015 Is a Very Competitive Wine Market
BI Daily 23 June 2015(2015-06-24)
• Global: Top 10 best-selling vodka brands • US: Punitive taxes will not solve harmful drinking
BI Daily 22 June 2015(2015-06-22)
• Updated Alcoholic Drinks Reports • Domestic Wine Packaging Trends 2005 - 2014
BI Daily 19 June 2015(2015-06-19)
• Trade war sees Canada threaten US wine • Top 10 biggest drinks industry acquisitions • NZ Sauvignon Blanc shortage ‘likely to affect’ Asia sales
BI Daily 18 June 2015(2015-06-18)
• France strikes deal with China over wine exports • Younger wine drinkers ready to try something new • New NASA data show how the world is running out of water
Bi Daily 17 June 2015 / 2(2015-06-18)
• CIATTI Global Market Update - June 2015 • Online wine sales at 5% worldwide but on the rise
BI Daily 17 June 2015(2015-06-17)
•China: Chateau of A Hundred Prices • Demographics: Act your age! • French vintners feel heat as leaders seek carbon consensus • Powdered alcohol faces U.S. prohibition calls in consumer poll
BI Daily 12 June 2015(2015-06-12)
• Cognac market to return to „sustained growth
BI Daily 11 June 2015(2015-06-11)
• Global Wine Markets: Country Growth/Decline Projections 2015 - 2019 • Cape Wine 2015 Attracting Unprecedented Interest



A certification seal appears on each container of wine or estate brandy which has been certified by the Wine and Spirit Board.

Certification Seal

This seal is a guarantee of origin, vintage and variety as stated on the wine label.

Certification/IPW Seal

This seal is also a guarantee that the wine complies with IPW criteria.

The 'A' number is found on the label of both certified and uncertified wines and provides information on the responsible seller.