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Wine steals market share in Canada(2014-04-14)
Wine is gaining ground as the drink of choice among Canadians, enjoying a 4.9% sales increase last year as the country’s beer sales continued their long-term decline. Compared to beer’s 50% value market share in 2003, when wine held just 24% of the market, in 2013 beer accounted for 43% of alcoholic beverage value sales, while wine had increased its share to 32%.
Nigeria vs South Africa: size matters, but so does development(2014-04-11)
What matters more: the size of the pie or how many mouths it has to feed? It depends whether you're eating pies, or selling them. Most of Nigeria's 170-million people live below the poverty line, so many complained they didn't feel any richer when the oil producing nation's statistics bureau announced on Sunday the economy had replaced South Africa as the continent's biggest.
China becomes world's second biggest consumer of high-priced wine(2014-04-10)
Propelled by a love of "lucky" red wine, China's drinkers are now the second-biggest consumers of high-priced wine in the world, new figures show.
Changes Afoot for Chinese Trademark Law(2014-04-09)
Major revisions to Chinese trademark law are set to take effect in May of 2014. These changes could make it much easier for American wineries to register and protect trademarks in the Chinese marketplace.
World’s largest whisky markets(2014-04-07)
India 1.4 bn litres, USA 433 m litres, France 141 m litres, Japan 98.7 m litres and the UK 80m litres. The figures account for volume sales of single malt Scotch, blended Scotch, Bourbon and other US whiskey, Canadian whisky, Irish whiskey, Japanese whisky and “other” whisky (such as Indian or Australian).
Earthquake in Chile spares wine regions(2014-04-04)
The 8.2 magnitude earthquake that struck 95 miles offshore from the northern city of Iquique on Tuesday spared winemaking regions of Chile. Wines of Chile USA executive director Marybeth Bentwood said “we have spoken to the wineries in Chile and have been reassured that there was very little impact on the vineyards, wineries and related industries".
NZ dollar may fall in second quarter, benefitting winemakers, exporters, in face of US recovery(2014-04-01)
The New Zealand dollar may weaken in the second quarter, benefiting exporters such as winemakers grappling with a bumper harvest, as economic recovery and a wind-down of stimulus in the US helps lift the greenback, according to the median forecast in a BusinessDesk survey of 15 currency traders and strategists.
Italian wine producers join together to reach Chinese market(2014-03-31)
Italian still wine bottles only saw a 6.5% market share in China's wine imports last year, less than half compared to some 10 years ago. France retained its spot as market leader, with more than 50%, he noted.
NZ wineries import Sauvignon Blanc to cope with demand(2014-03-28)
Shortages of New Zealand’s signature grape have led to imports of Sauvignon Blanc from Chile and South Africa to satisfy demand.
South African Bulk Wine Exports to Selected Countries 2013/2014(2014-03-28)
Bulk wine exports peaked in July 2013 where after it declined significantly to especially Italy and Spain. Pricing issues also contributed to this decline. Bulk wine exports to traditional consumer countries maintained their status quo. France seems to be the current exception.
South African wines' struggle to find footing in US(2014-03-27)
The grapes and wine at which South Africa excels, the red pinotage and white chenin blanc, have little cache in the United States.
UK chancellor freezes alcohol duty accelerator (2014-03-25)
The Chancellor of the Exchequer, the UK’s chief finance minister, has frozen the controversial so-called alcohol duty accelerator on spirits and standard cider. He has also by frozen the excise duty on whisky. However, the 2014 Budget was bittersweet for wine drinkers. Wine duty will still rise in-line with inflation, which was running at around 2% at the latest count, while there will be a one pence per pint duty cut for beer and a total freeze on spirits duty.
MINT: the new star markets for wine? (2014-03-24)
After the BRICs, new markets are identified for their investment and business potential. And the wine world is not indifferent to them - Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Turkey.
French Wine Prices Soar (2014-03-19)
The latest monthly report from Agreste, an arm of the French Ministry of Agriculture, shows that the average price of wine from an appellation increased 18 percent year-on-year in the six months to January 2014. That figure represents a 25 percent rise compared to the average between 2008 and 2012.
Euromonitor’s key spirits trends for 2014 (2014-03-18)
While whisky’s verification schemes and billion pound investments will allow the category to retain the spotlight in the months to come, Tequila will venture on new territory in China and vodka will have to seek innovation following its flavoured fall-out in the States.



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