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BI Daily 19 March 2018
• Future prospects for international wine markets • Bordeaux pulls away from entry level as exports rise • Global warming from winemakers’ perspectives • How to succeed at trade fairs
BI Daily 16 March 2018
• Global Wine Market Update • Wine Intelligence Reports Shop - Germany Label Design 2018
BI Daily 15 March 2018
• Cape wine tourism grows by 16% • China to squeeze bulk supply of Australian red wine • English wine, Loire reds and South African wines as the key players setting the wine trends for 2018.
BI Daily 14 March 2018
• Wine Intelligence Reports Shop - Online Retail and Communication in the Brazilian Market 2018 • Global Organic Vineyards • Alcohol industry pledges to provide nutritional and ingredient information in Europe
BI Daily 13 March 2018
• UK: Wine prices ´could rise by up to 30%´• Spanish wine industry in numbers • WC ag to lose R5.9bn in 2017/2018
BI Daily 12 March 2018
• BFAP Baseline - Managing Agriculture’s Investments in an Uncertain Environment
BI Daily 8 March 2018
• Southern Hemisphere 2018 Wine Grape Harvest Update • In France, is wine still a national treasure? Or is it a health risk? • Coca-Cola to produce its first-ever alcoholic drink • USA: New Poll Shows Broad Support For Laws To Protect Against Misleading Wine Labels
BI Daily 5 March 2018
• Three Reasons Scientists Are Freaked out by Crazy-High Arctic Temperatures • Reform Plicy: Land seizures are complex, costly and unwise — just ask Zimbabwe • Wine Australia appoints regional GM for Greater China • Azerbaijan to significantly expand wine export
BI Daily 1 March 2018
• Wine Intelligence Reports Shop - Global Wine Brand Power Index 2018 • OIV Report: Distribution of the world’s grapevine varieties
BI Daily 28 February 2018
• Balance of power shifts to producers as bulk wine outstrips bottled supply • Organic wine growth outstripping rest of market in France and UK
BI Daily 27 February 2018
• US and China drive French wine and spirits exports to record high • New excise duty hikes could stifle brandy industry´s recovery • Government wants liquor ads ban
BI Daily 26 February 2018
• Is Napa running out of land for vineyards?• Robo-picker grasps and packs
BI Daily 22 February 2018
• Aksynsverhoging/Excise duty increases • Innovation of the Day • French winemakers up in arms over plan that could lead to health warnings on bottles
BI Daily 20 February 2018
• South Korea´s wine imports gain 9.7% in 2017 • DWAS and the Clanwilliam Dam
BI Daily 19 February 2018
• US: Off-premise top 20 table wine brands • France: New Vine Varieties Will Reduce Need for Pesticides in French Wine Industry • SA: 2017 Grootmaatwyn Prysbewegings/2017 Bulk Wine Price Movements