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BI Daily 14 December 2017
• Canada: Viticulture and water woes • Wine glasses now seven times larger than in Georgian times • Poland´s wine regions emerge
BI Daily 13 December 2017
• UK: “Bump in the road” predicted for imports of Oz wine • Wine Intelligence: 5 predictions for 2018
BI Daily 12 December 2017
• Wine and spirits to benefit from EU-Japan trade deal • IWSR: Top 6 global drinks industry trends for 2018 • Top 12 major issues in agriculture
BI Daily 11 December 2017
• The UK wine trade after Brexit • U.S. Wine exports: Bottled is fast losing ground against bulk • South Africa: Wine industry braces for effects of drought
BI Daily 8 December 2017
• Suid-Afrika: Geraamde 2018 Druiwe- en Wynoes - South Africa: Estimated 2018 Grape and Wine Crop
BI Daily 6 December 2017
• UK: Making boxed wine premium • The Complete Guide to Ice Wine
BI Daily 4 December 2017
• New South Wales proposes bill to ban alcohol ads • What´s the value of creating a new appellation? • Bordeaux: Robot vineyard worker impresses at Clerc Milon
BI Daily 1 December 2017
• Millennials Are Wary of Celebrity Endorsements • Turkey sets sight on ´quality´ export markets
BI Daily 30 November 2017
• Alcohol and Health: Does It Matter What You Drink? • Rising ‘healthification’ driving low-alcohol wine trend • Why it’s a good time to be in wine – five reasons to be optimistic about in 2018
BI Daily 23 November 2017
• UK freezes wine, spirits and beer duty in Budget • Scottish minimum alcohol pricing to come into effect next May • The changing nature of the international bulk wine market • California’s wine production under reported by up to 14-20 percent for years • The Digital Consumer and Commerce
BI Daily 16 November 2017
• Castel Frères leads IWSR’s top 100 wine list • Scotland to lead the way on minimum unit pricing for alcohol after UK Supreme Court ruling • VinIntell November 2017 Issue 34: Technology Infusion, Artificial Intelligence, Experientialism, Apple Squares...Retail of the Future
BI Daily 15 November 2017
• Inflation in Britain: Up to the top of the hill…• Too Much Togetherness? The Downside of Workplace Collaboration
BI Daily 10 November 2017
• Five Ways Science Will Change The Way We Drink • EU hits deadlock over license for Roundup herbicide
BI Daily 7 November 2017
• Allied Grape Growers: California Harvest Report • Bordeaux 2017: A year of contrasts
BI Daily 2 November 2017