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BI Daily 22 January 2020
• US wine market is both growing and slowing • US-France: Tariff Threats Pull Back from the Brink • Key findings from the SA Annual Online Review Survey 2020
BI Daily 20 January 2020
• Ciatti – 2020 Looking ahead
BI Daily 17 January 2020
• Drinks International Brands Report 2020: Brandy and Cognac • Loyalty Trends in 2020: How Will This Year Be Different? • Wines of South Africa Export Report 2019 • Climate risk and response: Physical hazards and socioeconomic impacts
BI Daily 15 January 2020
• Tough times ahead for the US wine market • Europeans and Californians join forces to denounce proposed wine tariffs
BI Daily 10 January 2020
• Wine Intelligence gets out its crystal ball to predict key trends for 2020 • Eight ways wine will change in 2020 • Organic and vegan wines present untapped opportunity for Kiwi producers as traditional wine market plateaus • How big are Australia´s wildfires?
BI Daily 8 January 2020
• Who Wins Wine´s Trade War? • Sustainable Wine? Or Just Greenwashing?
BI Daily 12 December 2019
• Why to you need bulk wine to innovate • OIV rejects names of existing varieties for disease-resistant hybrids • WOSA - Perswijn article on Pinotage, Cinsaut and Pinot Noir from South Africa
BI Daily 6 December 2019
• Global volumes of wine expected to dip, while value will rise, predicts IWSR • The European Commission publishes harmonised oenological practices authorised in the EU • Wine in Moderation launches major rebranding
BI Daily 4 December 2019
• New PD-Resistant Wine Grape Varieties Named and Released • UK drinkers ‘cynical and sceptical’ of no-and-low alcohol beer • When It Comes To The World Of Wine, The Future Is Flat
BI Daily 2 December 2019
• ProWein Business Report 2019 - Climate Change changes the Global Wine Industry • Australia unveils ‘label directory’ to protect wine brands
BI Daily 29 November 2019
• IWSR: The largest markets in Ecommerce: Key trends from China, France and the US • First large scale canning facility for wine launched in UK • Every segment of the wine trade must be sustainable
BI Daily 27 November 2019
• Want Better Forecasting? Silence the Noise. • World´s Best Rieslings
BI Daily 25 November 2019
• Ciatti Brexit Update • Global Market Report Update
BI Daily 19 November 2019
• Asian Millennials Are The Dream Market The Wine Industry Has Been Waiting For • The science behind what we drink — and the effects that water, milk, caffeine and alcohol have on our body • Is wine premiumisation a doom loop?
BI Daily 15 November 2019
• UK supermarkets see slowing growth in past quarter, with hopes pinned on Christmas sales • Five ways that ESG creates value