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SubjectWine tasting
Afrikaans: reuk
Xhosa: ivumba, igama
SubjectGrapevine morphology
SubjectWaste and waste management
blanc de noir
(Subject: Wine style)
a white wine made from red grapes.
Term note: Use all words in lower case, or if first word is capitalised, the next word should be in lower case. Use consistently in text.
Afrikaans blanc de noir
(Subject: Wine style)
’n witwyn wat van rooi druiwe gemaak word.
Termetiket: Skryf alle woorde in kleinletters of indien die eerste woord met 'n hoofletter geskryf word, skryf res van woorde in kleinletters. Gebruik konsekwent in teks.
Xhosa i-blank de Noir