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Subject: Propagation
Subject: Oenology
Afrikaans: drinkwyn, wyn
Xhosa: iwayini yokuselwa
Subject: Grapevine pest
Afrikaans: asynvlieg
Xhosa: impukane yeviniga
Subject: Propagation
Afrikaans: waterbad
Xhosa: ibhafu yokwenza manzi
Subject: Oenology
Afrikaans: Bacchus
Xhosa: u-Bacchus
English - isarha yokuthena
English: pruning saw
Subject: Viticulture
instrument used to saw off the larger, thicker parts of the vine during pruning.
Afrikaans: snoeisaag
selfstandige naamwoord
Onderwerp: Wingerdboukunde
instrument wat tydens snoei gebruik word om die groter, dikker gedeeltes van die wingerdstok, af te saag.