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Subject: Grapevine pest
Afrikaans: parasiet
Xhosa: isidleleleli, incukudu
Subject: Biochemistry
Afrikaans: delfinidien
Xhosa: i-delfinidini
Subject: Propagation
Subject: Implement
English - GMO (Afkorting)
(Volledige term) geneties-gemodifiseerde organisme
Onderwerp: Biotegnologie
plante, diere of mikrobes wat gene bevat wat verander is of wat oorgedra is vanaf ander organismes of spesies.

English: genetically modified organism
plants, animals or microbes that contain genes which have been altered or transferred from other organisms or species.

Abbreviation: GMO
Xhosa: i-organizim elungiselelwe ukuthwala imfuza
Isifanakuthi okanye isisthethanonye: i-GMO