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Subject: Grapevine pest
Subject: Chemistry, Winemaking
Afrikaans: uretaan, karbamaat
Xhosa: i-yuretheyini
Subject: Viticulture
Afrikaans: volhoubaar
Xhosa: iyaziqhubelekela
Subject: Winemaking
Subject: Waste and waste management
Afrikaans: slikpomp
Xhosa: impompo yodaka
English - tannien selfstandige naamwoord
Onderwerp: Wynbereiding
'n fenoliese verbinding in druiwe, mos en wyn. Dit gee die wyn 'n rowwe smaak wat natuurlik in stingels, doppe en druiwepitte voorkom.
English: tannin
Subject: Winemaking
a phenolic compound in grapes, must and wine that gives the wine a rough taste and which occurs naturally in stems, skins and grape seeds.
Xhosa: ithanini