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Subject: Grapevine disease
Subject: Distillation
Afrikaans: sifbak
Xhosa: itreyi esisihluzo
Subject: Fertilization
English - cellulose noun
Subject: Botany, Winemaking
a complex carbohydrate that is composed of glucose units and forms the main constituent of the plant cell wall and can also be used as a filter aid.
Afrikaans: sellulose
selfstandige naamwoord
Onderwerp: Botanie, Wynbereiding
'n komplekse koolhidraat wat uit glukose-eenhede saamgestel is en die hoof-bestanddeel van plantselle se wande vorm, en kan ook as 'n filtreringshulpmiddel gebruik word.
Xhosa: iselulowuzi