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Afrikaans: sitologie
Xhosa: isayitholoyi
Afrikaans: tanelietpaal
Xhosa: ipali yekopolo
SubjectWine tasting, Viticulture
Afrikaans: onryp
Xhosa: engavuthisiswanga
SubjectGrapevine morphology
Afrikaans: perikarp
Xhosa: i-perikhephu
bunch stem
(Subject: Viticulture)
the cluster stem, usually refers to the peduncle from the point of attachment to the shoot to the first lateral branch.
Synonyms: peduncle, stalk
Afrikaans trossteel
(Subject: Viticulture)
die trosstingel, verwys gewoonlik na die trossteel vanaf die punt waar dit aan die loot geheg is tot by die eerste laterale vertakking.
Sinonieme: trosstingel
Xhosa isiqu sesihlahla