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SubjectCooperage, Implement
Afrikaans: skutyster
Xhosa: isikhuseli
SubjectSoil science
Afrikaans: alleel
Xhosa: i-alele
SubjectGrapevine morphology
Afrikaans: oblaatkorrel
Xhosa: iqunube elikhulu
SubjectChemistry, Winemaking
Cape tawny
(Subject: Wine style)
a tawny coloured port with a smooth, slightly nutty flavour of which at least 80 percent was matured in oak casks.
Term note: First letter of first word capitalised and last word in lower case or first letter of each word capitalised. Use consistently.
Afrikaans Kaapse tanig
Termetiket: Eerste woord in hoofletters en volgende woorde in kleinletters of alle woorde in hoofletters. Gebruik konsekwent in teks.
Xhosa iPothi yeediliya ezibomvu