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Subject: Viticulture
Subject: Propagation
Afrikaans: kloofenting
Xhosa: ufakelo
Subject: Viticulture, Grapevine morphology
Afrikaans: snoeiwond
Xhosa: isiva sokuthena
Subject: Viticulture
Afrikaans: lewensiklus
Xhosa: amanqanaba okuphila
Subject: Viticulture
English - base wine noun
Subject: Winemaking
a still wine subjected to a second fermentation to produce a sparkling wine.
Afrikaans: basiswyn
selfstandige naamwoord
Onderwerp: Wynbereiding
'n stilwyn wat aan 'n tweede fermentasie onderwerp word om vonkelwyn te produseer.
Xhosa: iwayini evutyelwe kabini