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Subject: Botany
Afrikaans: platloot, afplatting
Xhosa: ukuhlela isicu
Subject: Commerce
Afrikaans: terugbetaling
Xhosa: ukuhlawula ityala
Subject: Wine style
Afrikaans: jerepiko
Xhosa: i-jerepigo
Subject: Waste and waste management, Winemaking
English - phenotype noun
Subject: Biotechnology
refers to measurable characteristics of an organism and is determined by the interaction between the environment and the genotype.
Afrikaans: fenotipe
selfstandige naamwoord
Onderwerp: Biotegnologie
verwys na meetbare eienskappe van 'n organisme en word bepaal deur die interaksie tussen die omgewing en die genotipe.
Xhosa: imbonakalo ye-DNA