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English - primordia noun
Subject: Botany
1. regions in plants, such as the extreme tips of shoots where primordial organs and tissues are initiated by means of meristematic cell division. 2. basal poles of cuttings where root primordia are established at the inside by means of differentiation of meristematic cells.
Afrikaans: primordia
selfstandige naamwoord
Onderwerp: Botanie
1. gedeeltes in plante, soos die eindpunte van lote waar primordiale organe en weefsels deur meristimatiese seldeling geïnisieer word. 2. basale pole van steggies waarbinne wortelprimordia deur differensiasie van meristematiese selle tot stand gebring word.
Xhosa: iprayimodiya