S A Wine Industry Information & Systems NPC (SAWIS) is a company not for gain. Under control and direction of the South African Wine industry, our main functions are:

• Collection, processing and dissemination of industry information.
• Administration of the industry's Wine of Origin system.

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Wine industry strongly condemns racism
The South African wine industry distances itself from racist comments that were distributed on Facebook following the death of Springbok legend, Joost van der Westhuizen. Riaan Lucas reacted to the news by posting racist comments on his Facebook profile. According to his profile he works for the SA Wine Institute. As a result Sawis, VinPro, the Cape Wine Academy and certain cellars have received email correspondence. Mr Lucas received training from the Cape Wine Academy, but is not involved with the academy anymore. He is also in no way linked to Sawis. It is truly disconcerting that these types of unwanted racist comments are linked to the wine industry. The wine industry distances itself from mr Lucas’s comments. Through the wine industry’s strategic plan (WISE), transformation, training, land reform and upliftment of people have been identified as priorities. VinPro would like to confirm on behalf of the South African wine industry that this uplifting work will continue and that the industry strongly condemns any form of racism. See web link to the official statement: Statement
VinIntell November 2016
SURPRISING ENCOUNTERS - The Emergence of “Old-New” Wine Producing Regions: Georgia, Tasmania & the UK.
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